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Choosing the Right Grow Light System – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Minnesota indoor gardeners have three basic types of grow light systems from which to choose. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each is best suited to specific types of indoor gardening. At our grow light store in Minneapolis, we maintain a large inventory of all types of grow light equipment. Our experienced sales staff can help you select exactly the right products to ensure your success in growing healthy plants, no matter how large or small your gardening project is. You can rely on their advice, which is based on many years of experience and intimate knowledge of your plants’ light requirements. We carry a full range of grow light products, in all categories. For additional information on any of these grow light categories, just click the links below:

  • HID Grow Lamps Reflectors High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights – By far the most common and useful forms of grow light, HID Grow Lights have the powerful light output and color spectra needed for all large scale and serious indoor growing. They’re available in sizes from 150 watts to 1000 watts. The 1000-watt models can effectively light up to 20-40 square feet of growing plants. Each grow light requires a bulb, a reflector, and a ballast for operation, and produces a good deal of heat. Multiple grow light installations usually include a ducting system and fans to control temperature, along with timers to control the length of time the lights operate. HID Grow lights come in two forms, each with a distinct color spectrum:
    • HID MH Bulbs Lamps Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights – These grow lights produce a very bright, blue-white light spectrum, and are ideal for the vegetative growth phase for most plants. Strong stems and excellent leaf growth are the result. For the plant’s flowering stage, though, a different spectrum is needed, so many growers use MH bulbs during the growth phase and then switch to High Pressure Sodium bulbs for the flowering and fruiting stage.
    • HPS Bulbs Lamps High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights – Producing an orange-colored light, HPS bulbs are ideal for fruiting and flowering growth stages. They are also used successfully by many growers throughout the growth cycle, for economical reasons. Most growers, however, switch bulbs to suit the actual plant phase, and almost all ballasts and fixtures sold by Interior Gardens can accommodate both types of bulb with the flip of a switch.
    • Complete HID Grow Light Systems – For smaller installations, complete, ready-to-use HID grow light systems, in sizes from 150-400 watts come complete with ballast, reflector, and bulb. Interior Gardens offers such systems from Sunlight Supply, along with completely compact HID systems, ready to hang.
    • Build Your HID Grow Light System – For maximum flexibility, many growers prefer to design and create their own grow light system, selecting ballasts, bulbs, reflectors and other components to produce a customized lighting system. We have more information and a guide to building your own grow light system.
  • LED Grow Lights LED Grow Lights – Until recently, LED grow lights simply didn’t have the power and light output needed to be effective in supplying light for indoor gardening. However, Kessil has recently engineered a new line of LED grow lights that breaks that limitation. Now available in both 32-watt and 90-watt capacities, these Kessil grow lights are a revolutionary new technology that is producing results for indoor gardeners across the country. Each grow light unit covers roughly a 2 ft. diameter area, and is normally placed from 12-18" above plantings. The grow lights are small and lightweight and can be grouped to provide more light. They can also be used to provide supplemental lighting for other grow light systems. Available in precise color spectra, they let you fine-tune your lighting to match the entire growing cycle. Ideal for small growing projects, for use in small reflective growing environments, and as supplements for other lighting, Kessil LED Grow lights create new possibilities. Let the experts at Interior Gardens show you these exciting new products.
  • T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights – High output fluorescent grow lights are popular with many growers, particularly for use during the early stages of plant growth. Although they don’t produce the high lumen output of HID grow lights, their low cost, cool operation, and convenience make them ideal for propagation projects and for some smaller scale hydroponics gardening. They’re also ideal for tropical rainforest plants, like orchids and African violets, which need lower intensity lighting. Fluorescent bulbs are available in compact high-output forms, which fit low cost reflectors, as well as in the standard T5 format, suitable for larger growing environments. Two color spectrum varieties are available: cool 6500 degree Kelvin for vegetative growth and warm 3000 degree Kelvin for flower and fruit production.

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Our Twin Cities grow light store is your complete Minneapolis St. Paul metro area supplier of grow lights, ballasts, reflectors, bulbs, accessories and more. From the simplest LED grow light for a small installation to a complete, customized grow light environment for a commercial hydroponics operation, you’ll find everything you need in one convenient location. Even better, you’ll also find experienced staff members who can provide the information and expertise you need to create the perfect system for your needs. To get started, visit our Minneapolis gardening store. We’d love to meet you and help you create an ideal environment for your growing project.