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Complete Sun System Grow Light Systems by Sunlight Supply – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Sun System Grow Lamps MN While many Twin Cities area growers and gardeners prefer to hand select each component of their High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow light systems, others want to rely on the experts at our Minnesota grow light store and ask for pre-configured lighting kits. To assist our customers, we’ve created complete HID grow light kits, using top-quality Sunlight Supply components to match a variety of indoor gardening needs and budgets. Each kit includes everything you need, and is ready to hang and plug in. We’ve selected Sun System electronic ballasts, reflectors, socket and cord, and MH / HPS bulbs for you, and offer options that let you upgrade the systems as you wish. All components are carefully matched and will perform perfectly together, providing the light you need without the hassle of selecting individual components.

Sun System Galaxy Select-A-Watt Digital Grow Light Systems

Sun System Grow Light MN Our best selling complete grow light systems. They combine Sun System’s Select-A-Watt Galaxy digital electronic ballasts with a Sun System Blazer 6″ air-cooled reflector and a 1000w HPS Ultra Sun bulb. The flexibility of this kit allows you to choose the wattage you need for any growing situation. Options are available to upgrade to other Sunlight Supply reflectors and a complete range of HPS and MH grow light bulbs. Whatever your project plans may be, these kits will adapt to your needs, and at a great affordable price.

  • 250w / 400w, 400w / 600w, and 400w / 600w / 1000w
  • Sun System Galaxy Select-A-Watt Digital Ballasts
  • Standard Blazer Reflector with 6" Air Cooling Fittings
  • Standard HPS Ultra Sun lamp Included
  • Power Cord and Socket Included
  • Hinged Tempered Glass Included
  • Switchable for MH & HPS lamps
  • Optional Blockbuster or Magnum Reflector
  • Lamp Options available, including Eye Hortilux Super HPS Lamps
  • Low Affordable Package Price

Sunlight Supply Economy Complete Grow Light Systems

Sun System Growth Light MN For maximum performance at a great low price, our Economy kits do a great job and will provide years of reliable service. Economy systems are available in 400w, 600w, and 1000w sizes. Components include:

  • Ballast – Sun System 10 Crop Master Magnetic Ballast: 120v / 240v switchable, HPS & MH bulb switchable,available in 1000w, 600w, or 400w capacity, 5-Year limited warranty.
  • Reflector – Sunlight Supply Econo Wing Reflector: European aluminum reflector, 95% reflectivity, open construction, socket and cord included, ready to hang, upgradable to Sunlight Supply Yield Master 2 Reflector.
  • Bulb – Ultra Sun HPS Bulb Standard: 1000w, 600w, 400w to match ballast, upgradable to Eye Hortilux Super HPS bulb, optional standard MH Bulb.

Minnesota Supplier of Grow Light Systems by Sun System – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

At our Minnesota grow light supplies store, we are always looking for ways to save our customers time and money. Our complete grow light systems offer the high quality components you insist on, without the need to create a customized kit yourself. Available options let you add features to our complete grow light systems. Come into our Minneapolis gardening store and ask about our Sunlight Supply grow light systems by Sun Systems. One of our friendly, experienced staff members will be glad to explain their features in detail and help you make the best choice for your needs.