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Grow Light Reflectors MN A bare grow light bulb sends light in all directions, so a carefully designed reflector that directs that light onto your growing plants is essential. Grow light bulbs also generate plenty of heat, and reflectors have to get rid of that heat efficiently. There are dozens of grow light reflector designs, each with different characteristics. At our Minnesota grow light supplies store, we stock a wide selection of lamp reflectors, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your individual growing project. We’ve personally selected reflector models from the best manufacturers to offer our customers. Sun System, Hydrofarm, and others are among the brands we keep in stock and highly recommend. When you come to our gardening store, our grow light experts will help you select the exact reflectors that meet your needs, budget, and expectations. We carry both Sun System and Hydrofarm reflectors.

Sun System Grow Light Reflectors – Superb Engineering, and Manufacturing

Sun System is the leader in grow light reflector design, and offers a wide range of products for indoor growers. From economical reflector designs to designs that incorporate every possible feature for any situation, you’ll find a Sun System grow light reflector at Interior Gardens that is an exact match for your gardening needs. Highly reflective German aluminum, tempered glass, and high-quality lamp sockets are just some of the features of Sun System grow light reflectors.

  • Blazer Reflectors Sun System Blazer Grow Light Reflectors – Blazer reflectors combine all the features you need for your grow light system, and are included in our complete grow light systems as the standard reflectors. Completely enclosed, they feature tempered glass and neoprene gaskets. These reflectors are air cooled, with 6″ fittings and include 95% reflective European interiors. Other features include:
    • Built-in lamp socket and 15′ cord
    • Dimensions: 27"L x 20"W x 7" High
    • Powder coated galvanized steel housing
    • Reinforcing bead ring on cooling flanges
    • Aerodynamic junction box.
  • Blockbuster Reflectors Sun System Blockbuster Reflector – Many growers choose Blockbuster reflectors for situations where a square light distribution pattern is needed. The uniform, intense lighting is ideal for many situations, while the compact size and configuration fits into any grow lighting plan. Like other Sun System reflectors, it offers the quality features and excellent design growers insist on:
    • Dimensions: 26"W x 26"L x 9 ¾" H
    • 6" or 8" integrated air-cooled fittings
    • 95% reflective European aluminum interior
    • Hinged glass with neoprene gasket – completely sealed
    • Pre-wired, with cord and socket
    • Galvanized, Dupont powder-coated construction
  • Magnum Reflectors Sun System Magnum XXXL Grow Light Reflector – For lighting large planting areas, Sun System Magnum XXXL reflector is a top choice with Minnesota Growers. One of the largest reflectors available anywhere, it’s available with 6″ or 8″ cooling vents. Always in stock at Interior Gardens, its features include:
    • Magnum Size: 6" Model: 32 1/2" L x 26 1/4" W x 7 3/4" H; 8" Model: 38-1/2 in. L x 29-1/2 in. W x 9-1/2 in. H
    • Completely Sealed with gasketed tempered glass included
    • 95% Reflectivity for maximum output and uniform light distribution
    • Re-Strike Bend Above Bulb – Maximizes light output for better performance
    • Durable Construction – Powder-coated galvanized steel body for long life
  • Yield Master Reflectors Sun System Yield Master 2 Grow Light Reflectors – Priced very reasonably, this popular reflector is great for many large growing projects. It’s about 2 feet square and comes ready to hang, complete with socket and cord that is compatible with most ballasts. They’re always in stock at our grow light store. Key features include:
    • Completely sealed with gasketed tempered glass included.
    • 95% reflectivity for Maximum output and uniform light distribution.
    • Made in USA with quality and affordability built in.
    • Vent fittings with streamlined design for efficient airflow and heat removal.
  • Econo Wing Reflectors Sun System Econo Wing Grow Light Reflector – When low cost is a critical concern, Sun System and our Minnesota grow light supplier have you covered. The Econo Wing reflector is a completely open, air-cooled reflector without glass. Complete with socket and cord, it’s ready to hang and includes highly reflective textured German aluminum, a special re-strike bend above the lamp for maximum output and has rounded corners for safety. Sun System quality is built into this inexpensive reflector, and it’s always in stock at grow lamp store in Minneapolis.

The Sun System reflectors above are just examples of the large variety of Sun System lamp reflectors available at our store. Our experienced grow light specialists will be glad to show you other reflectors and help you find the exact solutions you need for any indoor growing installation.

Hydrofarm Grow Light Reflectors

For quality engineering by some of America’s foremost lighting engineers, indoor growers know and trust the Hydrofarm name. Synonymous with hydroponic gardening technology, Hydrofarm grow light reflectors are a popular choice at the our grow light supplies store. Examples of Hydrofarm’s reflectors include:

  • Hydrofarm Daystar Reflectors Hydrofarm Daystar Air-Cooled Reflector – Commercial quality, 95% reflectivity, and even light distribution are just some of the features of this popular reflector. Highly recommended for high-intensity low clearance lighting or medium density lighting when mounted higher, the design and top-quality reflective materials produce almost 90% efficiency, and that means better growth. With double-wall construction, well-designed venting, fully gasketed tempered glass, and galvanized steel construction, the compact size, light weight, and low profile of this reflector make it a great choice for compact growing environments.
  • Hydrofarm Xtrasun Reflectors Hydrofarm Xtrasun Reflector – When cost is a concern, you don’t have to give up quality. The Hydrofarm Xtrasun Reflector offers the features available on more expensive reflectors at a price that is highly cost-effective. Compact at 21″ wide, 19.25″ long, and 8″ high, it uses highly reflective specular aluminum for a bright, broad light spread. The included socket and cord is compatible with all Hydrofarm ballasts, and it accepts any grow light bulb wattage. Complete with hangers, it can be fully enclosed with an optional tempered glass lens. It’s a great choice for budget-minded growers.

Full Supplies of HID Grow Light Reflectors – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

The reflector examples above are just a small sample of the variety of grow light reflectors you’ll find at our Minneapolis grow light supplies store. You’ll also find our knowledgeable experienced sales staff, who will help you find top quality grow light reflectors and other products to make your indoor growing a success. Come into our convenient Minneapolis location with your plans and ideas, and you can leave with grow light products that are an exact match for those ideas. You’ll never wait for slow, expensive shipping again, and our low prices reflect our high-volume buying from top quality suppliers.