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Interior Gardens Retail Grow Light Store – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Indoor Gardening Store MN From any part of the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, Interior Gardens is just a short drive away. We’re on Central Ave. NE, just off I-35W, exits 21a and 21b. Our retail store and warehouse are located between 18th Avenue Northeast and Broadway Street Northeast. You’ll find ample parking and a spacious store, stocked with grow lights, hydroponics systems and supplies, organic fertilizers, soils and nutrients, and everything you need for any indoor gardening project, large or small. You’ll also find our friendly, experienced staff always ready to answer all of your questions and to help you select exactly the products you need for your project.

  • 105 S. Suffolk St., Ironwood, Michigan 49938
  • Phone: (906) 285-7222
  • Email:
  • Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; Saturday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Sunday – Closed.

Twin Cities One-Stop Shop for All Indoor Gardening Needs

In our retail store, and our adjacent warehouse, we maintain an extensive stock of top-quality indoor gardening products, at prices that will make you smile. Each product is thoroughly researched and individually selected to fill a specific need and to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations:

  • Grow Lights – High Intensity Discharge, HID, Fluorescent, and LED
  • Hydroponics Systems – Aeroflow, Ebb & Flow, and More
  • Hydroponics Nutrients & Supplies – Everything you need for success
  • Organic Soils – A wide variety of soils, nutrients and other organic products
  • Dark Room Systems – Ideal environments for indoor growing
  • Much, Much More – You’ll find products to match every growing need.

Top-Quality Name-Brand Grow Light Products

All of our products are chosen through painstaking research and come from leading manufacturers, all with proven records of innovation and quality. You’ll find products from companies you recognize and trust, like:

  • Sun System – The leader in grow light technology
  • Hortilux – The top name in HID bulbs
  • Kessil – The latest technology in LED grow lights
  • Galaxy Digital Ballasts – Innovation and quality manufacturing
  • Hydrofarm – Time-tested hydroponics systems and grow light products
  • Many More – Top quality products from trusted manufacturers in all areas