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Kessil LED Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Kessile LED Grow Lights MN Over the past decade or so, many hydroponic and indoor growers have experimented with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting. Cool operation and low power requirements were the goal, but most of this experimentation didn’t produce the robust plant growth and production that every grower needs. Many LED lighting products were offered, but results just didn’t measure up. All that changed when Kessil created new, high-powered LED grow lights.

Designed solely for indoor growing, Kessil created a patented high-density LED array core for their grow lights. Using advanced optical technology, their grow lights put out a powerful stream of light that penetrates deeply into plants. Small in size and modular in design, they made it possible to create a lighting array that enables robust plant growth and effective flower and fruit production without hot lighting.

LED Light Technology for Precise Light Spectrum Control

Best of all, LED technology allowed for precise control of the light spectrum, giving growers new control over exactly what spectrum of light reaches their plantings. Kessil LED grow lights can be used alone or as supplemental lighting, with specific color spectra, along with other light sources. Combining more light output than competing products, along with cool operation, low power requirements, and exceptionally long life, Kessil LED grow lights have truly started a spectral revolution in indoor growing.

Our Minnesota indoor gardening store is proud to offer the full range of Kessil LED grow light products to growers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and is encouraging growers to do their own experiments with these exciting new products:

  • Kessil LED Grow Light MN Kessil H150 32W LED Modular Grow Lights – Drawing only 36 watts of power, these compact, modular grow lights create a powerful stream of light that penetrates deeply into plants. Hung between 12-18 inches from plants, they cover about a 2′ circular area. Multiple units can be used to increase light supply and coverage. Choose from any of the spectral ranges offered:
    • Magenta – Designed specifically for the flowering phase of growth.
    • Purple – This general-purpose grow light supports all growth phases.
    • Blue – Enhances vegetative growth without sacrificing yield.
    • Red – Designed to work with other grow lights to boost blooming.
  • Kessil LED Grow Light 90w Kessil H350 90W LED Modular Grow Lights – These new grow lights from Kessil provide over 2.5 times the light of the 32W models. Using Kessil’s new 90w LED matrix, these lamps use a new vapor cooling thermal management system to reduce heat in the LED core for long life and high output. The added power makes these grow lights a potential replacement for traditional grow light technology, especially when used in groups. Two spectral ranges are available:
    • Magenta – This quad-band LED blend has a higher ratio of red to blue light and is focused on performance during a plant’s blooming cycle. It blends four different types of LED chips to create an ideal flowering spectrum.
    • Deep Purple – Incorporating five different LED types, the penta-band LED core favors blue wavelengths, and encourages strong vegetative growth, producing fuller, healthier plants.

Innovative LED Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening

At our Minnesota indoor gardening store, we have watched the LED grow light experimentation that has been taken place over the past decade. Until the Kessil LED grow lights appeared, though, we didn’t see the results our customers expect from the products we sell. With the introduction of the H150 and H350 series of LED Grow Lights from Kessil, we’re proud to make these products available to our discerning customers. Come in to our convenient Minneapolis location and check out these Kessil LED grow lights for yourself. Step into the new age in indoor growing technology.