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Custom Grow Light Kits for Minnesota Growers – Build Your Own HID Indoor Lighting

Most experienced indoor growers want to choose a customized grow light system that exactly suits their needs. By selecting components individually, they get maximum flexibility to choose products from various manufacturers, mixing and matching products to create a complete kit that accomplishes their goals. At our Minnesota indoor grow light supplies store, we make that easy by stocking a wide range of grow light components from different manufacturers. By designing your own grow light kit, you can match any budget and conditions exactly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with your kit.

  • Step 1 – Choose a Light Wattage. You can base this choice on the size of your growing environment. For build your own grow light customers, we offer three output power choices: Grow Light Wattage
    • 400 Watt – Covers from 9-12 sq. ft. or a 3′ x 3′ or 3′ x 4′ area.
    • 600 Watt – Covers 12-20 sq. ft. or a 3′ x 4′ or 4′ x 5′ area.
    • 1000 Watt – Covers 20-40 sq. ft. or a 4′ x 5′ to 5′ x 8′ area.
  • Step 2 – Choose an Electronic or Magnetic Ballast. Our most popular ballast, the Sunlight Supply Select-a-Watt 1000-watt electronic or digital ballast not only lets you use any size bulb, but it’s also convertible between High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs, and lets you dim 1000-watt bulbs to 600w or 400w output. The size of your electronic ballast must match your wattage choice. For example, if you choose a 1000-watt output, you must buy a 1000-watt ballast. The ballast must also match the type of bulb you choose in the next step (HPS or MH). Virtually all of our electronic ballasts can be used with both HPS and MH bulbs, and can be switched quickly for bulb type changes. Remember, the more flexibility you buy in your ballast, the more flexible your system will be, now and in the future. The Sun System Select-a-Watt electronic ballast by Sunlight Supply offers the flexibility you need to match any growing environment. We also offer a wide variety of magnetic ballasts, allowing maximum flexibility and affordable prices.Grow Light Ballasts
  • Step 3 – Choose an HID Bulb. You can choose a MH or HPS bulb for your lighting kit that matches the output of your ballast. MH bulbs perform best during the vegetative growth stages of plant development, while HPS bulbs have a color spectrum more conducive to promoting flowering and fruiting. If you select convertible ballast in Step 2, you can switch bulb types as needed. Specialty bulbs are also available that are compatible with the other type of ballast, if needed. In addition, the EYE Hortilux Super Blue HPS / MH bulb combines both types of bulb in one unit, offering a unique combination that supports all stages of growth. At our grow light store, you’ll find bulbs to match your budget and lighting needs from several manufacturers.HPS MH Bulbs
  • Step 4 – Choose a Reflector. The last step in building your own grow light kit is choosing a reflector for your grow light. From Sunlight Supply’s economical Econo Wing Reflector and Sun System’s Cool Sun reflectors to Sun System’s Blockbuster square reflector, and many more, you’ll have plenty of options. Reflectors come with cords and lamp sockets and most also include glass covers, cooling ducts, and other features. We stock a wide range of reflectors for every need. Grow Light Reflectors
  • Other Options – If designing your own system isn’t right for you, we also offer pre-configured grow light kits from Sunlight Supply, along with our Compact System Grow Light 150w-400 systems for customers needing less power output.

Minnesota Grow Light Supplies Store for Top-Quality Products

At Interior Gardens, our staff of experienced grow light specialists is always available to give you the information you need and answer any questions you have about grow light technology and products. Unlike ordering from a website, you can see the actual products and ask questions of a real human being who understands grow lights and indoor gardening intimately. There are no delays, since we have all the products you need in stock, ready to take with you. It’s an ideal combination for any Minnesota indoor gardener, and there are no shipping charges to pay. Visit our indoor gardening store in Minneapolis, and make your grow light choices in person.