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Plant Indoor Grow Lights – Lighting the Way to Gardening Success

Growing Lights Minneapolis St Paul MN For plants to grow and thrive, they need four things: water, the right climate conditions, nutrients, and light. Without proper light, no plant can grow and be productive. Sunlight, of course, is the ideal light source for plants, but isn’t available for indoor growing. Without adequate light with the right spectral wavelengths, plants grow poorly, are leggy, and can’t produce flowers, fruit, and seeds. Indoor gardening demands an artificial source of light, and today’s grow light technology has developed to meet the exacting requirements of proper plant growth. With the correct lighting, Minnesota indoor gardens can thrive year round, no matter what the weather is outdoors.

Today, it’s far easier to supply adequate light for indoor growing environments than ever before. A wide variety of products is now available to provide the exact light levels and spectral wavelengths plants need for proper growth at all stages. From small, tabletop indoor gardens and herb gardens to extensive hydroponic farming installations, there are grow light products perfectly matched to any need. Selecting the right products for a particular indoor gardening product is critical to the success of that project. As the leading Minneapolis St. Paul grow light store, we’ve been helping supply the proper grow light equipment for indoor growing operations of all size for two decades. In that time, we’ve seen grow light technology expand and grow to fill every need. Today, there are three basic types of grow light systems available, each with its own specific niche for the indoor gardener. Before making a choice for your own project, it’s important to understand the basics of grow light technology.

Grow Light Output – Plants Need Large Amounts of Light

The human eye adapts to all sorts of lighting conditions, and this can be deceptive. What looks like bright light to us is completely inadequate for plant growth. Typical indoor lighting just can’t produce enough light for indoor gardening. Light output is measured in Lumens, and plants require high output lighting, in the tens of thousands of lumens, for proper growth. For example, a commonly used 400-watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow light is capable of properly lighting an average area of 9-12 square feet, and has an output of about 50,000 lumens. The chart below compares that output with other light sources. It’s easy to see why normal household lighting can’t do the job:

Grow Light Output

Further, plants have specific light color spectrum requirements, and normal household lighting equipment doesn’t provide the correct, full range of colors needed by plants in various stages of development. The sun is the ideal source of light, of course, and nothing can produce the exact color spectrum of the sun. Different parts of the color spectrum are important during different stages of plant growth, and today’s grow lights are designed to produce light that is centered around those specific parts of the spectrum, as seen below:

Grow Light Color Spectrum

No single grow light system can fill all of the needs of indoor gardening. That’s why our Minnesota grow light store offers a complete range of growth light products. Each is designed for specific situations.

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Learning more about grow light technology is a great way to ensure that you choose the correct grow light equipment for your indoor gardening project. You can learn all the basic information right here on our Grow Light website, but it’s a complex subject. Our grow light experts are your source for information on specific grow light solutions for your growing. Just give them the details of what you’re planning, and they’ll help you choose a grow light system that will match your needs to the letter. There’s no substitute for experience and expert knowledge. Come in and visit our experts at the Interior Gardens Grow Light Center. It’s conveniently located just off I-35W in Northeast Minneapolis. You’ll find a great selection of grow light products anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro Area, and at competitive prices.