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Hydroponic & Organic Gardening Supplies – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Hydroponics MN At Interior Gardens, we’re not just about grow lights. As a leading Minneapolis St. Paul metro area indoor gardening store, we have everything you need for any indoor or organic gardening project, in stock and ready to take with you. In our almost 20 years of serving the indoor gardening community in Minnesota, our painstaking research and product selection, along with our expertise and experience, makes us a Twin Cities top choice for indoor and organic gardening supplies and equipment. One visit to our convenient Northeast Minneapolis store can supply you with all of the equipment and supplies needed for any indoor, hydroponic, or organic gardening project. There’s no need to wait for slow, expensive shipping from online stores. We have it all available for you now, so you can get started with any project today!

  • Hydroponics Systems – Interior Gardens is your Twin Cities source for all types of hydroponic growing systems. From manufacturers like Botanicare, Aeroflo, American Hydroponics, General Hydroponics, Under Current, and Hydrofarm, you’ll find everything you need at low prices. Even better, you’ll find our experience, knowledgeable staff, always ready to assist you with answers to your questions and recommendations.
  • Hydroponic Nutrients Hydroponic Nutrients – Whatever hydroponic nutrients you need, either to get started or to restock your supplies, we have them at our hydroponic gardening store. You’ll find products from House & Garden, General Organics, Dyna-Gro, General Hydroponics, FoxFarm, Botanicare, Dutch Master, Technaflora, and many more. Our staff will be glad you help you with the latest information and suggestions for your gardening projects, too.
  • Growing Media – Stonewool and Rockwool products are always in stock and ready for you. Hydroton, Perlite, Coconut Coir, Grodan growing media products, and more are just some of the products we stock. Whatever your gardening method, Interior Gardens has all your needs covered.
  • Organic Fertilizers – If organic gardening is your passion, Interior Gardens is your one-stop shop for all organic fertilizer products and other organic gardening needs. Recognized names like FoxFarm, Nature’s Nectar, Root Organic, Humboldt Organic Nutrients, Progress Earth, and more are all represented in our well-stocked organic growing section.
  • Hydroponic Water Pump Pumps & Irrigation – You’ll find everything you need to keep your hydroponic gardening system running smoothly in our store. From ebb & flow fittings, hoses of all types, a full line of pumps, fittings and equipment for all forms of hydroponic gardening, Interior Gardens has what you need, when you need it.
  • Environmental Control Products – If you need environmental conditioning hardware, Titan environmental controls, CO2 generators, timers and instrumentation, or even chilling equipment, Interior Gardens can supply all of your needs.
  • Pest & Disease Control – At our gardening supplies store, you’ll find a full line of organic and other pest and disease control products, and our sales staff can help you select the products that get the job done safely and correctly.
  • Much, Much More – Books, videos, test equipment, and tools are all available at the our indoor gardening store. We’re not only there for you when you need supplies. Information and knowledge are also important to everyone at Interior Gardens, and we’re always happy to share what we know with every customer. Our focus is always on helping every customer achieve success with every growing project.

Minnesota’s Most Complete Indoor Gardening Store

For almost two decades, Interior Gardens has been growing as it serves the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area, the state of Minnesota, and the entire upper Midwest. Through careful research and feedback from our thousands of customers, we’ve selected only top quality indoor gardening products from most trusted suppliers. We maintain a complete inventory of products at our Minneapolis store, backed up by a fully stocked warehouse adjacent to our retail center. Every one of our staff members is personally involved in hydroponics, organic gardening, and indoor growing environments and brings a history of knowledge and experience to the job. When you shop Interior Gardens, you get great products, expert information, and you get them immediately. Come to visit us soon. We’d love to help you create and maintain a successful gardening experience.