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Hydrofarm HID Grow Light Systems & Packages for Gardeners in Minneapolis St. Paul

Hydrofarm Grow Lights MN Hydrofarm is one of the most widely recognized and respected names in hydroponics and indoor gardening. When Interior Gardens began creating complete grow light kits, it was only natural that we’d create systems using Hydrofarm lights. Our grow light store is pleased to offer these top-quality customized systems to growers and gardeners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, because we know they’ll meet and exceed their expectations. Mix and match top-quality Hydrofarm light components to create your own personalized grow light package, and be assured of compatibility and performance at a great Interior Gardens package price.

Hydrofarm Phantom Electronic Ballasts – The Heart of Your System

Hydrofarm Ballast Hydrofarm’s Phantom Digital ballasts are part of every Hydrofarm grow light system at our Minnesota grow light store. Silent, cool running, and efficient, they supply the power you need to match your exact requirements. Switchable for use with both HPS and MH bulbs, they include advanced features, including a push-button dimming option that lets you fine-tune the light your plants receive. They’re rigorously tested and designed with compatibility, performance, and durability as top priorities. A Phantom electronic ballast is the perfect match for your choice of Hydrofarm reflectors. Choose the ballast size that matches your power requirements:

  • Available in 250w, 400w, 600w, and 1000w power
  • Tri-mode dimmable (1000w & 600w)
  • 120 / 240 volt power
  • Hot re-strike programming protects bulbs in power failures
  • Dual, resettable circuit breakers
  • Can be mounted vertically for space savings
  • Maximizes bulb output
  • Triple surface cooling fins for efficiency
  • Completely silent operation
  • Guaranteed compatible with Hydrofarm reflectors

Hydrofarm Reflectors for High Performance & Compatibility

All Hydrofarm reflectors from our gardening store include 95% reflective specular European aluminum interiors, reinforced galvanized steel construction and corrosion proof finishes. Aerodynamic lamp socket design helps keep cooling air flowing without turbulence, and all include a 15′ pre-wired lamp cord, and are ready-to-hang. Choose the Hydrofarm reflector that fits your growing environment:

  • Hydrofarm Raptor Reflector Hydrofarm Raptor 6″ & 8″ Reflectors – Hydrofarm’s Raptor reflectors are mega-sized (38.6L x 29.5W x 10.2H) and designed to provide bigger, broader light coverage patterns. Completely enclosed, with gasketed glass and complete with 95% reflective Alanod Hammertone aluminum interiors, Raptor reflectors are available with either 6″ or 8″ cooling fittings and offer maximum light coverage, even in low clearance growing environments.
  • Hydrofarm Daystar Reflector Hydrofarm Daystar AC Reflectors – Derived from Hydrofarm’s GLX commercial greenhouse reflector, the Daystar AC reflector packs great light distribution and performance in a low profile, lightweight, compact size. Just 7 3/8″H x 12 1/2″W x 18 1/2″L, it includes the 95% reflective specular aluminum interior that is unsurpassed in even light distribution and is compatible with HPS and MH lamps from 250w to 1000w. Double wall construction and 6″ cooling fittings help it run cool. A tempered glass lens with an exclusive swing-away hinge and foam sealing are more of the engineering excellence built in by Hydrofarm.
  • Hydrofarm Radiant Reflector Hydrofarm 6″ & 8″ Radiant Reflectors – Completely enclosed with tempered glass hinged lens, Radiant reflectors are ready to hang and come complete with aerodynamic socket and 15′ lamp cord. The 26.5L x 23.6W x 14.0H dimensions and the 95% reflective European specular aluminum assure you of broad even light coverage for any growing project. Suitable for all types and sizes of grow light lamps, a Hydrofarm Radiant reflector is a perfect match for your choice of Hydrofarm Phantom digital ballasts.

Match a Grow Light Lamp to Your Hydrofarm Grow Light System

All Hydrofarm grow light kits from our gardening store include an Ultra Sun standard HPS bulb to match your choice of Phantom electronic ballasts. You can also select from a wide choice of optional bulbs, including high performance Eye Hortilux Super HPS lamps. Or add an optional Metal Halide bulb to give you maximum light spectrum choice for the entire growing cycle. Just ask a Interior Gardens staff member for options and package pricing.

Hydrofarm Grow Lights for Minnesota Gardeners in Minneapolis St. Paul

With the availability of complete, customizable Hydrofarm grow light systems from our growing light store in Minneapolis, you can get exact the grow lights you need without worrying about component compatibility. You choose the system and Interior Gardens will give you a great package price. Our experts have done the hard work of making the right choices for you, and you’ll know you’re getting top-quality, compatible products from Hydrofarm. All you have to do is hang the reflector, install the bulb, plug everything in, and you’re done. Come in and create a complete kit for yourself at our grow light shop at our convenient Minneapolis location.