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High Intensity Discharge or HID Grow Light Bulbs – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

HID Grow Lights At the heart of every HID grow light is the bulb or lamp that actually provides the high intensity light your growing plants need. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) bulbs provide the light spectrum that suits the needs of plants at every stage of growth, from vegetative growth to the critical flowering and fruiting stage. Whatever type of bulb and whatever wattage you need, you’ll find a complete selection always in stock at our Minnesota grow light store, located in Minneapolis. We stock bulbs from EYE Hortilux, Digilux, Ultra Sun, and Sunmaster, and have the expertise to help you select HID lamps that match your growing needs and budget. Get the grow light bulbs you need today at Interior Gardens, at great prices, and without waiting for slow, expensive shipping.

EYE Hortilux Grow Light Bulbs – Our Featured, Top Quality Choice

For the best engineered, longest lasting grow light bulbs available anywhere, EYE Hortilux is the manufacturer of choice. Offering the highest light outputs, the ideal light spectrum, and excellent durability, discerning growers choose Hortilux. From HPS and MH bulbs in all wattages, EYE Hortilux bulbs provide high-performance light for high-yielding growth.

  • Hortilux Dual Arc Bulb Hortilux 1000W Super Blue Dual Arc MH / HPS Bulb – Combining both an HPS and MH bulb in a single package, this revolutionary grow light bulb gives you light spectra in a single bulb. Install this bulb in your grow light reflector and power it with any 1000w HPS-compatible ballast, and forget about changing bulbs. You’ll get the MH color spectrum needed for strong vegetative growth plus the HPS spectrum for flowering and fruiting.
  • Hortilux MH Bulbs – Top-of-the-line Metal Halide standard bulbs from this renowned manufacturer. Excellent performance for the fruiting and flowering stages of growth, at a price that meets any budget. 250w, 400w, and 1000w.
  • Hortilux Blue Bulbs Hortilux Blue MH Bulbs – These Metal Halide bulbs supply more of the blue spectrum than standard MH bulbs, creating a closer match to natural sunlight. A great choice for your growing plants. Available in 250w, 400w, and 1000w.
  • Hortilux Super HPS Bulbs – For maximum spectral compatibility for the fruiting and flowering stages, these superb HPS bulbs have the long life, high power output, plus 25% more output in the blue spectrum to maintain vegetative growth, too. 250w, 400w, 600w, and 1000w.

Grow Light Bulbs from Many Sources

Whatever your budget, and whatever your needs, Interior Garden is your source for all grow light bulbs. We maintain a huge stock of grow light bulbs in all wattages, types, and price ranges. You can count on the Interior Gardens Grow Light Headquarters for immediate access to replacement bulbs whenever you need them.

  • Ultra Sun Bulb Ultra Sun Grow Light Bulbs – Specializing in HPS grow light bulbs, Ultra Sun offers a full range of HPS bulbs at great low prices, including bulbs designed to product exceptional results with digital ballasts. Interior Gardens stocks the full range of Ultra Sun Grow Light Bulbs.
  • Conversion Grow Light Bulbs – For special cases where you need an MH bulb that will work with an HPS ballast, or vice versa, we stock conversion bulbs from Ultra Sun and EYE Hortilux.
  • Lower Wattage Grow Light Replacement Bulbs – We keep a complete stock of bulbs for our enclosed mini grow light systems.

Minnesota Supplies Store for HID, HPS & MH Bulbs Lamps – Minneapolis St. Paul

When a grow light bulb reaches the end of its life, there’s no time to wait for slow delivery of replacement bulbs. At our Twin Cities grow light store, we always have the grow light replacement HID bulbs you need, in stock and ready for you. Take the short drive to our convenient Northeast Minneapolis indoor gardening shop and your problem is solved. And while you’re there, check out our extensive selection of grow light products and other products for all your indoor gardening needs.