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Indoor growers use fluorescent grow lights for many specialized reasons. They’re ideal for propagation beds, and for growing shade-loving tropical plants like orchids, African violets and houseplants. With fluorescent grow light bulbs available in two different light spectrum outputs, they produce the light you need for many uses. At our Minneapolis indoor gardening supplies store, we maintain a large stock of fluorescent grow light fixtures and bulbs, ready to go for your indoor growing needs. There’s no need to wait for slow, expensive shipping on these bulky products, and you don’t have to rely on home and garden centers, with products that aren’t designed for indoor gardening use. We have the fluorescent grow light products you need, and at prices you won’t find elsewhere:

  • T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights MN Sunblaze T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Systems – Sunblaze manufactures fluorescent grow light products specifically designed for the unique needs of indoor gardeners. From single-bulb strip lights to 2′ and 4′ multi-bulb fixtures with up to 8 lamps in one fixture, Sunblaze fluorescent fixtures come with 6500-degree Kelvin bulbs and are ready to hang and use. Their advanced reflector design provides optimal reflectivity and diffusion. Wire cable hangers are included, along with 12′ power cords and switches. The white powder-coated fixtures are louvered for excellent cooling, and also accept 3000-degree Kelvin bulbs. They can be daisy chained to create large installations. Mount them horizontally or vertically.
  • Sun System Fluorescent Grow Light Sun System Brite Wing Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Reflector – Designed specifically for high-power compact fluorescent bulbs, these cost-conscious fixtures are made of German textured aluminum that offers 95% reflectivity. They include integrating mounting brackets and an 8 foot grounded power cord. These fixtures are ideal for orchid and other tropical plant growers with smaller growing environments.
  • Feliz Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs Feliz Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs – Available in 200w 6500-degree blue or 250w 2700-degree red color spectra, these high-powered compact bulbs are specifically designed for horticultural use, with its high humidity. They fit any standard Mogul base socket, and are ideal for use with our Brite Wing fixture. Choose the blue spectrum bulb for vegetative growth and the red spectrum for flowering.
  • Replacement T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs – These are always in stock at Interior Gardens. In both 2-foot and 4-foot lengths, and in warm 3000-degree Kelvin or cool 6500-degree Kelvin, you’ll always find the T5 bulbs you need in stock and ready to take with you, at great pricing.

Affordable Fluorescent Lighting Equipment at Minnesota Grow Light Store

As a full-service indoor gardening supply source, Interior Gardens has every indoor growing need covered with a wide range of the products you need, including fluorescent grow light fixtures and supplies. Our experienced and creative sales staff is ready with the answers to all of our questions about indoor growing and grow lights, and is always ready to help you make the right choices for your hydroponic and indoor gardening projects. Visit our Minneapolis shop soon to find the grow light and other products you need, along with the friendly assistance and advice that helps you achieve your goals. We look forward to helping you.