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Powerful grow lights can generate plenty of heat. Just two 1000w grow lights put out more heat than a typical electric room heater. Both plants and the people who care for them thrive best at a specific range of temperatures, so controlling and getting rid of excess heat is a must for indoor growing under grow lights. Other issues for many growers are odors and dust. Hydroponic gardening can create a growing environment with very distinctive odors, and if people are sharing space with growing plants, those odors can be an issue. At Interior Gardens, the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area’s grow light and hydroponic gardening store, we understand both issues very well, and offer a wide range of products to help you keep your growing environment free of excess head and eliminate unwanted odors. Products for these purposes include:

  • Indoor Gardening Cooling Fans Cooling Fans – Most powerful grow light fixtures are equipped with connections for 4", 6" or 8" ductwork. We stock a wide variety of inline fans specifically designed to work with your grow lights and duct system to help your grow lights keep their cool. Inline fans from our high-performance line of Vortex, EcoPlus, and Max Fans products, are sized to match your grow lights well vented and keep the air flowing and temperatures down. We also have a large stock of stationary fans to keep the air circulating in your growing environment.
  • Indoor Gardening Cooling Ducts Cooling Ducts – Once your fans are at work, that hot air has to go somewhere. Flexible ductwork can be used to create an air duct system that moves the overheated air out of your growing environment, usually venting it to the outdoors. We stock a wide variety of flexible ducting, both insulated and un-insulated, along with all the dampers, fittings, clamps and other hardware needed to create an effective system for getting rid of overheated air.
  • Indoor Gardening Dust Filters Dust Filters – Moving large quantities of air through your grow light system can also move dust, containing harmful mold and fungus spores, along with bacteria that can spread plant diseases. Our gardening store offers the revolutionary Dust Shroom filters that clean those contaminants from the air and keep them away from your plants. We also carry a full line of HEPA filters for protection of large growing environments. All are sized to fit the duct systems used by indoor gardeners.
  • Indoor Gardening Odor Filters Odor Control Filters – Keeping harsh chemical odors and even the odors created by many plants under control is easy, using Phresh carbon filters, all sized to fit directly into your cooling duct system. These high-tech filters incorporate advanced filtration engineering features, and are designed to handle growing environments of any size. Interior Gardens maintains a complete stock of these carbon filters, ready to install, in our Minneapolis indoor gardening store.

Grow Light Cooling Supplies & Indoor Gardening Store in Minneapolis St. Paul

At our grow light store in Minneapolis, you’ll find everything you need to create an ideal growing environment of any size. Heat, dust, and odor control products are just part of our complete inventory for indoor gardeners, both hobbyists and professionals. One trip to our convenient Minneapolis location, and you’ll have immediate access to everything you need, and at prices kept low by our volume purchasing power. Don’t be delayed by expensive shipping and back-ordered products from Internet websites. Get everything you need today!