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Compact Grow Light Systems for Minnesota Growers – Minneapolis St. Paul

For a quick start with grow lights, particularly in compact growing environments, our Minnesota gardening store is proud to offer compact, enclosed mini grow light systems from Sun System and Hydrofarm. These all-in-one systems include a ballast and reflector in a single, ready-to-hang system. Designed for smaller growing environments, they range in power from 150w to 400w, and make your grow light installation economical and simple. There’s no quicker way to get started with indoor gardening than these mini grow light systems.

Sunlight Supply’s Sun System Compact Mini Grow Light Systems

Sun System compact grow light systems from Sunlight Supply are manufactured by one of the most recognizable names in grow lights. Affordable in price and easy to install, you’ll have just one cord to deal with. Ideal for orchids, herbs, houseplants, and seed starting, or for any small indoor gardening projects, there’s a Sun System that’s right for you.

  • Sun System 150w Grow Light Fixture with Bulb – Complete and ready to hang, this grow light system lets you get started growing indoors at the lowest possible cost. Complete with a 150w High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb, it’s ideal for your kitchen herb garden or any small growing project.
    • Grow Lights Fixture MN 16,000 Lumens output
    • Highly Reflective aluminum insert
    • Vented housing
    • White powder coat finish
    • 7-foot grounded 120 volt power cord
  • Sun System Sun System 250w / 400w Electronic Ballast HPS / MH Systems – This Sunlight Supply Sun System self-contained grow light system is compact and easy to install. With optional glass and air-cooling fittings, they can adapt to any growing environment. The built-in Galaxy Digital Ballast offers HPS / MH compatibility for 250w and 400w lamps letting you have the right color spectrum for any stage of plant growth. It’s ideal for smaller installations, and flexible to grow with your plans.
    • Compact Grow Lights MN Use 250w or 400w bulbs (switchable)
    • 22.5in long x 12.75in wide x 7.5in tall
    • Just 15 lb. weight
    • Highly reflective aluminum reflector
    • HPS / MH switchable compatibility
    • Enclosed Galaxy digital ballast built-in
    • Bulb not included: Select from your choice of bulbs
    • Glass and cooling fittings available as options
    • 120 volt grounded power cord included (240 volt cord available)
  • Hydrofarm 175w Sunburst Compact Grow Light Systems – With an enclosed ballast and reflector combined into a single unit, Hydrofarm makes grow lights simple for smaller indoor growing projects. Choose from a unique 175w Metal Halide system or convertible HPS/MH systems with included digital ballasts in 250w and 400w models. Just add your favorite bulb, hang the unit and plug it in, and you’re done.
    • Hyrofarm Compact Grow Light 175w
    • Metal Halide lamp support
    • 23in long x 15in wide x 9.5 tall
    • Bulb not included – Choose your own from Interior Gardens
    • Glass lens option available
    • Cooling fan option available
    • 5 year ballast warranty

Compact Grow Light Supplies for Minnesota Growers in Minneapolis St. Paul

At Interior Gardens, we know that there’s no single grow light solution that’s right for every installation. We offer a complete range of grow light systems and components from Sunlight Supply and Hydrofarm, the two best-known names in grow light technology. From the smallest indoor gardening project to the largest commercial growing operation, you’ll always find the lighting products you need at our convenient Minneapolis location. Don’t wait for slow delivery from online stores. Come in to our indoor gardening store and leave with everything you need today.