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Every grow light system, especially in large installations, involves design and planning on the part of growers. Part of that planning is based on accessories, controls, and hardware needed to install and manage the system. From hardware needed to mount grow lights and electrical cords to timers to control lighting strategies and instruments to monitor conditions, our Minnesota grow light store has the products you need for any installation, from a single grow light to a large commercial growing environment. These products are all available and in stock at our convenient Minneapolis location, so you won’t have to wait for the products you need.

  • Grow Light Timers MN Grow Light Timers – Your grow lights need to be programmed to provide light for your growing plants on a specific schedule. Plants require specific lighting times at different stages of growth, if you are to achieve the high yields you expect. Our indoor gardening store has grow light timers for installations with just a single grow light and for multiple grow light systems. These timers are also used to control circulation of nutrient solutions in hydroponic systems. All are designed to keep your lighting on schedule and your growing plants healthy and robust.
  • Grow Light Mounting Rails Grow Light Mounting Systems – Hanging and installing grow lights requires specialized hardware. We can supply all the mounting and installation hardware you need for any situation, most of it designed specifically for grow light installations.
  • Cords and Electrical Wiring – Growing environments can be humid and special extension cord systems are needed. In addition adapter cords may be needed when mating specific grow lights to some electronic or magnetic ballasts. You’ll find the specially designed cords and other electrical supplies you need at our Minneapolis gardening store, in stock and ready to go.
  • Grow Light Rails Light Rail & Linear Light Movers – Make one grow light do the work of two, or ten grow lights do the work of 20 with automated light rails and motors for large grow light installations. We can supply you with Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive systems that maximize your lighting’s flexibility. Designed for the needs of commercial growers and advanced hobbyists, these systems offer new lighting flexibility for indoor growing.
  • Monitoring Equipment & Instruments – Keeping track of and monitoring conditions in your growing environment is an important need for all indoor gardening systems. Thermometers and hygrometers help you keep track of conditions, both in your growing area and remotely.

Grow Light Store for All Supplies & Accessories in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Locating and ordering grow lights and all of the products associated with them from online stores can be confusing, frustrating and time-consuming. Shipping delays and back-ordered items are common. If you live in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area, all of the grow light and indoor gardening supplies you need are instantly available at our gardening store. Conveniently located in Northeast Minneapolis, it’s a short drive from anywhere in the Twin Cities, and you’ll find every thing you need, along with expert assistance from our experienced, helpful sales staff. With our fully stocked warehouse immediately adjacent to our retail showroom and our highly competitive prices, one stop is all you need. Visit our Interior Gardens Location soon for top quality indoor gardening products at great prices.