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15-25% OFF Grow Light Products Specials

  • Complete Grow Tent Package 5′x 5′.
  • 1,000w Grow light system – Ultra Sun HPS bulb, Hardcore Ballast & Yield Master Reflector.
  • 600w Grow light system – Ultra Sun HPS bulb, Hardcore Ballast & Econowing Reflector.
  • Hortilux HPS Bulbs – 250w, 400w, 600w and 1000w.
  • Phantom Digital Ballasts.
  • Find out details at our Indoor Grow Light Specials page.

Growth Lamp Supplies Whether you’re just getting started gardening and growing indoors or you already have an extensive hydroponic system, you know the importance of light to your success. The right grow lights for your needs are your best assurance of success with any gardening project, large or small. In the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, your source for everything for indoor gardening is Interior Gardens, a leading supplier of top-quality grow light products, hydroponic gardening systems, and organic gardening supplies. We help you make the great choices at very attractive prices. We carry a large selection of indoor lighting supplies and some of our best-sellers include:

Affordable Grow Lights for All Indoor Gardening Needs

Growing Lamps At our convenient indoor gardening store and warehouse, located in Minneapolis, we’ve been supplying Minnesota growers with affordable grow lights for many years. Our careful research means that we’ve chosen only those grow light products that give you the high quality results you demand, along with the reliability, quality manufacturing and engineering, safety, and value over time that mean success with every installation. At our grow light store, we’re dedicated to offering our customers a great shopping experience.

At Interior Gardens, your Twin Cities grow light supplier of choice, we not only sell grow lights and other products for indoor gardening and growing, we’re your source of information on every aspect of grow light technology and hydroponic gardening. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the extensive selection of high-quality products we offer and to learn how to select the products you need for every situation. Then, visit our gardening store conveniently located in Minneapolis to see those products first hand and to discuss your project with our grow light experts. Our top priority is your success, and our products and expertise are your assurance of achieving that success.

Minnesota’s Full-Service Grow Light Supplier in Minneapolis St. Paul

Whether you’re growing a small kitchen herb garden or are creating an extensive commercial hydroponic growing system, you can count on the grow light experts at Interior Gardens to provide the expertise and top-quality grow light products that exactly match your needs. Choose grow lights, ballasts, replacement bulbs, reflectors, and more from our extensive inventory and you’ll have them immediately, with no expensive shipping costs and delays. Get started on your project today! Contact us with any questions you may have, or just come by our grow light store in Northeast Minneapolis. Let us show you why we’re Minnesota’s top source for grow light products and more.